Course F -- bugs


I am exploring Course F today and noticed a couple of things that appear to be errors.

  1. In Lesson 2 at least one of the puzzles require nested loops before the video on nested loops.
  2. In lesson 6 puzzle 13 the directions say the code will be saved in the next puzzle, but when you get to the next puzzle, the code has not saved.
  3. In lesson 10, puzzle 8 there code requires a different brush thickness, but that isn’t one of the available tools.



Thanks for your note!

I looked over the puzzles that you referred to. Here is what I found:

  1. I cannot find the puzzle you are referring to. The only puzzle I see with nested loops before the video is a prediction puzzle (which is intended to be solved before the students have been formally instructed on nested loops.)

  2. F.6.13/F.6.14 are working as expected for me. Would you be willing to send an official bug report in through the system (Click the “Report a Bug” text in the top right hand corner)? Please don’t forget to include your operating system and the browser that you are using.

  3. Great find! In fact, all of my toolboxes for that series were being overwritten by the less-powerful template toolbox. I’ve made a fix and you should see the changes on Wednesday!

~Happy Coding!