Course F Stage 4 bugs?


I have a third grader who completed courses 1-4 so he’s piloting Course F and seems to be completing Stage 4 correctly but doesn’t get the Congratulations! and circles stay white instead of colored green. Is this a bug in the entire stage? Has anyone else tried this one yet?


Did you check to make sure that he’s logged in? It’s possible that he forgot to log-in, so his progress isn’t being saved.


Thank you for the suggestion. He’s absent today, so I just signed in as him to check if that was the case and the same thing happened. I checked the solutions signed in myself, so I know they’re right. He’s the only student I have who has gotten this far.


That sounds like a bug to me! Would you mind going to this link and filling out a bug report? That will send this to our engineers to fix.

Be sure to send them the name and email address of your student in the private ticket!