Unit 3 Lesson 14

My student wants the fish to appear and move diagonally upwards when he hits the spacebar and the fish.x is more than 366. I tried removing the second conditional and it works but he wants the fish to be invisible while under the water and when it is then the entire animation doesn’t work. Help!

I hope I understood this correctly … when the game starts, fish.x is 365, but if he moves up and to the left, he will never have a fish.x greater than 365, so I’m guessing you meant he wants it visible when fish.x is less than 365.

I remixed his game and started fish.x at 370, but then changed the conditional a little, so if fish.x gets smaller than 365, the fish appears.

See if this is closer to what he wants and if not, let us know.

Fishing Remixed



This worked perfectly thank you so much!!!

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