Unit 3 Lesson 17 code help with making a sprite disappear

My student created 3 candle and he wants one of them to disappear when he clicks but it is not working. What am I missing?

Your drawSprites() should be inside the draw loop.

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We did that but it still is not working.


@rmartin1 is correct that the drawSprites() should be inside the draw loop. There is one other thing I can see that I would look at. In the MouseWentDown block, you have “space” inside the parenthesis as the parameter. I believe the only two legal parameters are rightButton and leftButton as per the documentation.

If you fix that and it still doesn’t work, please have your student click the “share” button and get the shared link. If we have that, we can debug the program much easier.

Thanks and good luck!


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Thank you for your help. It worked.

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