Unit 3 Lesson 22 Cheating

Is anyone else having trouble with students remixing other students projects from the public projects page and trying to turn them in for their own work with just changing a few minor things? Is there a way to make it so students cant see these projects? Its not always easy to spot some of the copies.


Thanks for bringing this up - it’s good to think about. I know I’ve caught a few students cheating because they’ve turned in something WAY above what they’ve been doing for the work all semester - and my students don’t even bother to change the variable names!

Let us know if you think of anyway to prevent this and I’ll pass it on…

I have the same problem…did you ever find an answer?

I like to have them storyboard their projects on paper first with a few brief drawings and comments about how it is going to work before they start to code. Then if their project deviates too far from that, I can ask some questions. Another thing if I suspect them cheating is that I look at their code and find anything that looks like it might not be their work and then ask them how they were able to achieve a certain effect or event. If they can’t explain it, they are usually pretty quick to admit it isn’t their code and then I offer to help them create their own project.