Unit 3 Lesson 5

While I was going through the levels with the students I thought there was a sheet on one of the levels with the code segments and explanations on them. I wanted to print it out but I cannot find it on any level now. Any assistance would be great.

@eileen.ferree ,

Welcome to the forum. Can you tell us which course you are referring to? CSP? CSA? CSD?

If we know, we can better address your questions.



Hi there,

Sorry about that. Computer Science Principles.


Hi Eileen,

Try hovering over a block then clocking the “more examples” in the bottom right of the pop-up box. This will take you to the documentation and give you the ability to click through documentation for other functions. Might that be what you are looking for?

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Sorry for the late reply. This was it. Thank you so much.