Unit 3 teaching


Lesson Plan 101816 Adv CIS.docx (16.8 KB)
I ask them how do they think we pages are made I first had them pull up their favorite website. I explain to them how they could look up the web design code for any website. I decided to show them how to add code to notepad and how to save it as a html file. I started teaching 4 or 5 tags a day. I would tell what the tag meant and what it does, then have them incorporate it into their own web page. I informed them at the beginning of the unit they would be created their own web page about themselves. But teaching 4 or 5 tags a day it allows the student to add new tags to their web page everyday using notepad. I used an html book that allowed them to practices using the tags once that were introduced and then put them in their webpage. At the end of the Unit the students will have their own webpage.