Unit 4: Day(s) 10-13: Storyline & Broadcasting: Artifact ATTACHED

I’m attaching a LINK to the story I created, as an example for the students to see what can be created in Scratch. (Still a work in progress…)

When using Scratch, I create “Studios” and invite students to become “Curators.” In doing so, I can see all of their work, make comments and critiques, and provide encouragement. Students can then “Follow” each other and provide peer evaluations.

In this part of the unit, The students will be able to:

• Broadcast events.
• Complete a Scratch story.
• Develop a Scratch story project.
• Assess their peers to help them gauge their progress.
• Complete a rubric.
• Prepare and make a presentation of a Scratch story to the class.

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@regparker Thanks for sharing the Studio idea for management. I just discovered that this year and it has made life so much easier.

Happy to help! It’s a nice feature that just happens to work well for the classroom environment.