Unit 4 Lesson 1 - **Click for animation: ** Click through to see the answers

The pdf on the slides shows an icon and the message
Click for animation: ** Click through to see the answers
but nothing happens. How are we to see the animation?

Hi @lhoskins,

The animation only shows up on the Google Slides version of the slides. You can make a copy of the slide deck by clicking the top link that says “CSP Unit 4 - Variables, Conditionals, and Functions”:

The PDF is just a static image of the final version of the slide.

Hope that helps!

–Michael K.

Thank you. My Personal Google Drive is full and will not allow me to download a copy of the slide. Our school uses Microsoft not Google platform. Is there a way to download without using your Google account? Why can I not just download it to my computer?


When you click on the slides (not the download link), it will open up a new tab to copy the slide deck. Delete the copy part of the url and it will let you open a “view only” version of the slide deck. I don’t think you need a Google account to view the slides. You can use this “view only” version to present to your classes. The animations will work. If you want, you can also download as a pptx version and that will show you the animations. I tried both of these methods and they work.

Thank you so much! I will try those tonight.

I was able to remove “copy” from the url and run as view only, thank you!

How do I download pptx? It automatically downloads a pdf when I hit the “download” button.


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Once you’ve opened the Google Slides in view-only mode, click on the File menu and select download. One of the options in the menu is pptx.

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