Unit 5 Chapter 1 Lesson 7


For Unit 5 Chapter 1 Lesson 7: Create a Representation, what does “Step 5: Full Class Activity- Agree on Classwide Punch Card” mean? What does it mean where it says “Your class will need to decide how to use the 3 numbers, 10 characters, and single 8 by 8 image to represent your perfect day.”


hi @mabenites!

Are you able to view the exemplar that is linked in the lesson plan?
It shows an example of how the class used the binary to ASCII representation for number and character, and I believe they used the 8x8 image space to actually draw out the image.

hope that helps and hope others can chime in!


Yes. I have access to the exemplar. I was just wondering, is there a way to modify the punch card? What does it mean when is says “your class will decide how to use…”



Great question - the students cannot modify the large punch card (although that’s something that should be offered as an extension - could use Google Sheets/Microsoft Excel in the meantime) but on the Pet Record student activity guide it walks them through the steps to create the values for the punch card. The Exemplar gives an age and name, but in the student activity guide they would give the age and name and then use a combination of binary and ASCII to fill out the card.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions…