Unit 5 - Lesson 13 #9

We watched the video, but cannot figure out how to finish Unit 5 Lesson 13 #9
The video shows more blocks than we have available.
Can someone please send along the solution to the code? Thanks

You’re right. The list[0] block should be in the toolbox. We’ll get it in there, but not be up for 24 hours or so. Sorry about that.

In the meantime you can just follow the examples and type the code in text mode. For example on level 9 there you can type:

myArray[0] = 0; to set the first element to zero
myArray[1] = 0; for the second…
myarray[2] = 0; and so on…

(I think we made an assumption that using text mode when dealing with arrays is probably a lot easier and faster than using blocks…but the blocks should still be in the toolbox for reference. Thanks for the headsup). Hope this helps.