Create Task List Blocks Missing (URGENT!)

My class is working on the AP Create Task right now (Unit 8). In stage 3, the recommend stage to develop their apps the list declaration with numbers and the list[i] blocks are missing. If you are working on the Create Task, be sure to have your students check to see if they are present. They usually appear between the strings and list.length.

This could be a HUGE problem for students that only use blocks as they may not know the syntax for making a list or referencing list items. Note, I have sent in a bug report, but if you are seeing it too you may want to do so as well because of the importance of the task. I hope this is helpful to others currently working on the task.

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Unit 8 lesson 3 level 3. The array access block is missing for me as well.

var list = [1, 2, 3] ← → ; and list.join(separator) are also missing.

Thank you for bringing this up and filing a bug report. I will also let the staff know.

@junderwood Thanks for bringing this up! I’ve added the blocks to this level and they should be live on the site tomorrow!

Thank you for the quick response! I know many students will benefit from your help!