Unit 5 Lesson 18 Student Exemplars missing videos


The video links in the two student written response exemplars are saying that the file has been deleted. Can someone check on this please?



I am having a hard time duplicating the error you have shown. Is it possible to provide a screenshot of the screen that generated this error or a description of the activity level?



So sorry, Andrea. That should have said Unit 5 Lesson 18. I’ve edited the subject line now.
In Code Studio Unit 5 Lesson 18 there are student exemplars in the Teacher Only section at the bottom of page 1.

In the Student Writeup pdf docs, there are links to the exemplar videos and those are the links that produce the error.

Sorry for the mixup before.



Thanks for reporting this. Someone is investigating and working on a solution.



Hi Gini, thanks for reporting!

Unfortunately we’ve only been able to recover the Grumpy Cat Clicker Video, which you can see here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6iNirqJ5EuVb1BPTGZmd05xNUJldXJtN2pDWHpnUFVadFI0, and we’ll get added to the PDF soon.

Both of the videos were app demos only, so they did not have a student voice over.