Unit 5 Lesson 9 Bubble 13 Instructions appear wrong



Did the instructions from an earlier exercise get mistakenly copied to unit 5 lesson 9 bubble 13? The top describes a driver’s ed meeting but the instructions below that talk about weekday vs weekend day…


The top is just example code taken from bubble 12 that students can refer to when they complete the exercise.


The confusion and why I thought code.org might want to look at it is the instructions say “To do” and this is what is provided:

Then the code that is actually provided in the exercise matches the driver’s ed mtg…


Maybe I am missing something but just looked like it may be a cut and paste error or the exercise was changed and some instructions got left behind…


That’s odd, since this is what it shows for my “starter code”:

Just to be sure, I hit “Version history” and “Start over”. Have you tried hitting “Start over” also?
(Also this isn’t a linked workspace so the starting code shouldn’t have anything to do with the other bubbles.)



That is the code it starts with which is what I expected based on top of instructions but the bottom To Do talks about days of the week.



What happens when you hit “Start Over”? Do you still see the same code?


The code itself is ok. Sorry if I was unclear in my earlier question. The confusion or typo as I see it is in the instructions above the code. As you scroll down and it says “To Do:”, the instructions of what to right align more with a previous exercise to identify day of the week as school day or weekend and identifying the user as a teenager.

Again sorry if my earlier posts were confusing.


Hm, maybe we’re still on different pages, but I think what might help address the confusion is what @jadams1 said, which is that the top is just example code taken from bubble 12 that students can refer to when they complete the exercise.

There is nothing in the actual instructions about a drivers ed meeting. There is nothing in the starter code about a drivers ed meeting (if for some reason there is code about a drivers ed meeting, hit “Start over” and see if that fixes it). The only reference to a drivers ed meeting is the example code in the instructions, which was used to help students recall something they had already done before. The instructions do not say to actually use that code.

This is how the instructions and starter code should look:

Hopefully that clears up any confusion. :slightly_smiling_face: