Unit 6 Day 4: Setting up Lego kits


While my students are checking all of the parts and pieces of their Lego kit, noting any pieces that are missing or extra, I plan to have them discuss with their group their opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of using robots in our daily lives. When we resume as a large group, individuals can share the general thoughts from their group. Then we will discuss the the 3 Laws of Robots.



This is students first look at the components of the Lego robotics kit. In many cases with my students, it is also their first exposure to a building system, so they need time to ‘play’ with the pieces to see how things fit together. They should be noticing that certain categories of parts have different functions (axles, connectors etc.) and that imposing the tray organization will make the work more efficient because they won’t have to hunt for items in a mixed up pile of components.