Unit 6 Forum Update and Lesson 4 of 18-19

Hello All!

I’m starting Unit 6 with my 8th graders and was looking for some clarifications with Lesson 4: Input Unplugged. When I went to the forum, the lessons aren’t matched up correctly (I’m assuming still reflective of 17-18). This lesson is a little challenging to understand, and I was wondering if anyone had videoed their lesson or their kids performing the activity? I was also wondering if “Input 1” is pulling just one card for the program, or two, one for each input.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Kelsey,

Because so many people did the semester version of the course, not a lot of classes have done Unit 6 yet. To answer your question, though, the student who is assigned “Input 1” draws a card every time the draw loop is run in the first “Asking for Inputs” version of the activity and draws a card about once a second in the second “Input Events” version of the activity.