Unit 6, Lesson 11, 1-Day Project

I need help with suggestions for reasonable project ideas that students could tackle in 1 day. The 1-day Lesson plan says to show them examples of NLP. The slides give NLP examples of Siri/Alexa and voice recognition, prediction based on what a user says, search engines that generate results based on similar search behavior or use intent, and monitoring/analyzing feedback on social media etc. None of these examples are something students could tackle in a 1-Day project. Please share your thoughts/intent for students with this project. Thanks in advance!

Hi, I agree that the level of work in the project examples would be difficult for students to complete in a one day version of the project! I’m hoping to see some others’ ideas, but to get a list of projects started, I could imaging students doing a text analysis on a .txt file that has a favorite song. Students could print out information about the total number of words, the average length of the words, and possible use the sentiment value file to give the average sentiment value and determine if the song is “happy” or “sad” based on the average sentiment value.