Unit 6 Lesson 11 Level 10d

Link to the project or level: U6L11: Level 10d
**What I expect to happen:**When the light sensor detects light above a threshold of 50, set by the scale block, it should hide the blinds image. When under the threshold it should hide the image.
What actually happens: No response to changes in data from the light sensor.
What I’ve tried: We have followed the instructions exactly. Tried the same code with different boards. Tried different computers with the same code and boards.

Hi @sean.gowen,

I don’t see anything in the code but I don’t have a Circuit Playground to help you troubleshoot. Here are some things I would try:

  • What kind of values are you getting when you enter lightSensor.value into the watcher? Do those values make sense for the conditional/if statements?
  • You could try changing “data” to “change” but I do think data should work.

Hope those help a little.