Unit 6 Lesson 13 Dot 13 Challenge Solution

UPDATE: I have something that works. SOLVED: See my reply.

The math on making the pitch/roll slower makes sense: “divide” it, right?

I am trying to figure out the Challenge: how to make the car stay on the screen.

I’ve been able to make another buzzer sound when x < 0 or > 260, but that is just an audio alert that they’re off the screen.

In the Unit Three in the Game Lab, there is “bounce” command if x < 0 or > 400 to create borders. Is something like this in AppLab?

What would be a solution to keep the car on the screen? I’d like to extend this lesson so students get more out of it. TIA! :slight_smile:

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UPDATE! I have something that works.
The set property keeps them on screen.

Does anyone have something else or something better?

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This is great! Nice problem solving and sorry others didn’t get a chance to chime in and help - I don’t know how many people are on Unit 6. That looks pretty good, if it’s one line of code that usually is a simple way to do it.