Unit 6 lesson 14 level 15 evaluation rubric

I am looking for the Evaluation Rubric for Unit 6 Lesson 14 Level 15.

Please advise.

Thank you,

Hello @bpenney,

Do when I open the “teacher panel” on the right side of the screen, I do see the exemplar (ie. one possible solution), but I don’t see the rubric that it refers to in the lesson plan. I will report that and will respond back on this forum post if I hear anything back. Sorry I couldn’t find it right away.


Hi Beth,

It looks like it was turned off for some reason. I’ve turned it back on, and it should show up within a couple of days. Thanks for the heads up. In the meantime, here are the rubric criteria:

Extensive Evidence

The program works as described and includes all functions with parameters as described in the instructions. (moveStar, loopStar, and checkStar)

Convincing Evidence

The program includes multiple functions with parameters and generally works as described, but may include minor errors that affect gameplay.

Limited Evidence

The program includes at least one function with parameters, but there may be major errors in the code that prevent the game from working.

No Evidence

The program does not include any functions with parameters.


Perfect! Thank you everyone.