Unit 6 Lesson 3 - bird of a feather

Anyone notice that the activity guide doesn’t match the app? It doesn’t utilize the favorites screen anymore

Agree, they are missing. Can this be fixed?

Please report this to support@code.org. I will forward this on my end.

Thanks for surfacing this! I went in and updated the document so that the tasks match between the activity guide and the levels. There were several changes that were pushed out to all of the “Spice Level One” lessons (Emoji Movie Quiz, Birds of a Feather, and Ramen Radar) in order to simplify the experience for both students and teachers alike.


Thanks so much Erik for the quick response.

Appreciate the changes.

If you didn’t catch it also on Magic 9 Ball there are two “blue box” steps 6’s - one on bubble 4 and one on bubble 5. The bubble 5 blue step 6 should be a 7.