Unit 6 lesson 3 purpose and functionality

Is the answer for the purpose and functionality for the 3 apps in lesson 3 available to us - or do I have to write my own to share with my students?

I have a discussion about it in class. So, we come up with an answer as a group. I don’t think it is provided in the curriculum.

Can you share what you came up with for the purpose and functionality of each app?

The purpose can be obtained from the app descriptions given in the instructions on code studio.
Birds of a feather
Purpose: Allows users to become amateur bird experts. It will display the name, an image, and the historical range of a variety of different bird species.
Functionality: User clicks the left and right buttons to scroll through the birds. User can also click on the purple heart button to create a favorite list. Clicking on the white heart button, takes them to a new window with their favorite list. Once there, they can click on the Home button to come back to the home screen. Lastly, the dice button shows the user information about a random bird species.
Magic 9 Ball
Purpose: An entertaining app that allows users to click on the image of a 9 ball in order to receive a personalized daily fortune, a lucky color that displays a name and updates the color of the pool ball to match, and a lucky number.
Functionality: User clicks on the ball and it displays a fortune, a lucky number, and a lucky color. The color of the ball also changes to the lucky color.
Emoji Maker
Purpose: An entertaining app that allows users to randomize eyes, mouths, and cosmetic extra touches in order to create a unique emoji to perfectly describe the mood of the user. Users to name their emojis and describe their usage.
Functionality: Users use the screen elements - sliders and buttons to design emojis. User can also enter a name and description in text boxes and save their emoji in a list by clicking on the heart button. The user can click on the paint button to start with a random emoji. The images button allows the user to scroll through the images they hearted.

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