Unit 6 lesson 3 purpose and functionality

Is the answer for the purpose and functionality for the 3 apps in lesson 3 available to us - or do I have to write my own to share with my students?

I have a discussion about it in class. So, we come up with an answer as a group. I don’t think it is provided in the curriculum.

Can you share what you came up with for the purpose and functionality of each app?

The purpose can be obtained from the app descriptions given in the instructions on code studio.
Birds of a feather
Purpose: Allows users to become amateur bird experts. It will display the name, an image, and the historical range of a variety of different bird species.
Functionality: User clicks the left and right buttons to scroll through the birds. User can also click on the purple heart button to create a favorite list. Clicking on the white heart button, takes them to a new window with their favorite list. Once there, they can click on the Home button to come back to the home screen. Lastly, the dice button shows the user information about a random bird species.
Magic 9 Ball
Purpose: An entertaining app that allows users to click on the image of a 9 ball in order to receive a personalized daily fortune, a lucky color that displays a name and updates the color of the pool ball to match, and a lucky number.
Functionality: User clicks on the ball and it displays a fortune, a lucky number, and a lucky color. The color of the ball also changes to the lucky color.
Emoji Maker
Purpose: An entertaining app that allows users to randomize eyes, mouths, and cosmetic extra touches in order to create a unique emoji to perfectly describe the mood of the user. Users to name their emojis and describe their usage.
Functionality: Users use the screen elements - sliders and buttons to design emojis. User can also enter a name and description in text boxes and save their emoji in a list by clicking on the heart button. The user can click on the paint button to start with a random emoji. The images button allows the user to scroll through the images they hearted.


This lesson is missing the student directions on the parts 1-5 screens for the favorites portions and the elements are on the wrong screens. Can this be fixed?

Could you please clarify which app and which levels you are referring to. Please write to support@code.org if you find any errors in the curriculum material.

The Code Studio Unit 6, Lesson 3, Birds of a Feather app is missing the student directions that work with the favorites portion of the app. The student activity guide doesn’t match the student steps on the screen and the design elements for the favorites screen are on the home screen so you have to move them. Can this be fixed?

Also Lesson 3 Magic 9 ball has two sets of blue #6 directions and the key shows the lucky number uses a random number but the steps say to multiply two indexes together. Can this also be clarified.

Thanks for reporting this. You may get a quicker response if you report this to support@code.org. I will also pass this along at my end.


Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I have gone through and made sure that the Activity Guide matches the steps that are in the new student directions that have been updated recently.

This was one of the lessons that the Curriculum Team updated in order to simplify each level and to make the experience more impactful and less frustrating for students & teachers alike. One of those changes was to remove the requirement for creating a new screen for Favorites. This functionality was baked into the main app screen which required updating the template that is presented to students.

Resetting the version history of the coding space will alleviate any mismatch that might occur between starter code & directions. I recommend saving the text of the code into another document or App Lab project ahead of time to prevent a loss of work when resetting the version history.

I’ve also gone through and updated the Magic 9 Ball exemplar to match the directions.

Thanks so much for reaching out and helping us to make our curriculum and resources as strong as possible!


Just another note on Emoji Maker…there are no directions for removeFromFavorites code … kids think they have to do that but it has no mention of it anywhere. Perhaps take that off or have some directions? Thanks so much.

And, with the Emoji Maker the dataset cannot be found in the list of Data Tables in Code Studio which makes it hard to get back when re-mixing or teacher trying to check/work with the code on their end. Can the Emoji dataset be added to the list of datasets in Code Studio?


Thanks so much for your watchful eye!

I will investigate both of these and see what I can do.