Unit 6 Lesson 3 image element IDs

the “bird_Image” and “range_Image” elements cant be clicked on because in design the background is on top so it seems like both of those elements are called “birdsBG”

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Hello Yanet,

Thanks for reaching out. If you see something that looks like a bug in the curriculum, I would encourage you to reach out to support@code.org - they are able to fix these problems whereas I can really only give guidance on pedagogy and using the tool.

When you reach out to them in this case, I think that it would be helpful to give them a little more information. I see that you are correct that they cannot be clicked when I look at the Birds of A Feather practice. I am not seeing anywhere in the instructions that says that these should be clickable buttons. Are you trying to add on an additional feature? If I missed something, could you link or screenshot the section that you think has an issue?

Yes, sorry I dont think I was descriptive enough. When a student wants to know the element ID for an element I have taught them to click on it in the design tab so that they can see the element Id and all other properties or to hover over it(but sometimes this gets cut off if its long for example: if its “birdImageButton” it may read “birdImag…”). So when my students went to go look for the ID they just see the “birdBG” because the background is actually depth wise in front of the images

Gotcha. Yep - that’s a good strategy! I would put that on the radar of the support team, they may not be thinking of the tool being used in that way.

As a short term support - maybe its worth letting your students know that they can move that background layer, learn what they need, and if something is not working right (they deleted it and need it back!) they can go in to the history and return to a version before they changed the Design.

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