Unit 6 Lesson 3 String and Substring

I am unclear if I am supposed to teach about substring in U6L3. It is in the slide deck but appears unrelated to App Lab activities. I don’t see anything in the lesson plan.

What are you doing to teach about Strings and substring in this unit?


The option is yours to teach it. It was a lesson feature from the 2022-23 curriculum. It is a concept that our students should be aware but not required.

In the big ideas 3.4 Strings, it does say students should know about substring. I don’t think it is an option to teach it or not teach it.

Great question. I was wondering, too. They need to know substrings to do the Word Helper app when they get to Unit 7. In this app they iterate over a string.

The only thing in the CED which references substrings is pasted below:

TOPIC 3.4 Strings
LEARNING OBJECTIVE AAP-2.D Evaluate expressions that manipulate strings.
AAP-2.D.1 String concatenation joins together two or more strings end-to-end to make a new string.
AAP-2.D.2 A substring is part of an existing string.

On the exam reference sheet, there is no pseudocode for substrings provided, so I don’t think there will be substring questions on the exam. It might be nice for students to use in their create task.

Great suggestion, I’ll teach it when I get to U7L2.