Where are string tools (indexing, traversing, substrings) covered in APCSP curriculum?

One of my students is designing their library project (end of Unit 7), which would include some string comparisons, and was surprised when I told them to index and traverse the strings. They didn’t remember ever seeing that in the curriculum. I went back through the curriculum (especially unit 4, where it seems it would be covered) and I couldn’t find it. Does the code.org curriculum cover string processing? Thanks! jr

Hi @jranta,

The only metion of substrings in the CSP Framework is in Big idea 3, AAP-2.D.2 which says students should know that a substring is part of an existing string, but does not require students to actually index or traverse through strings. I believe it was in the old version f Unit 5, but because of the shift in framework, it is not in the 2020 version of the curriculum. There simply isn’t enough time!

It is included in the App Lab documentation should you want to direct students to use it use it!

At least I didn’t miss it. I’m surprised it was taken out, it’s an important part of data processing. I’ll put together a lesson on my own. Thanks! JR