Unit 7-Lesson 6 Activity 1

Per the circled functions in the screenshot, are these functions user-defined? When I create a new project, these functions are not listed. Thought maybe they would populate after I imported the US States table in the Data tab but they did not.

That’s part of a library. Libraries are separately-hosted functions that users can easily add to their apps with just one code. Try to find the library ID to add it to your own app.

Not tracking…I don’t see the library ID…would assume there would some type of import statement but dont see any library ref in the example…? Can you tell me where and how?

Libraries are added through the “Manage Libraries” option in the settings cog in the toolbox.

thx…where is the list of ID’s?

I don’t know that there is a list of IDs. There isn’t a set of App Lab libraries circulating (as far as I know). Rather, during the lessons in U7 students will each create their own libraries and then share them with other students in the class if desired. This level is an example of what you can do with a library, imagining that someone else made it for you. (A hurrah for abstraction and the fact that we don’t need to see the code to be able to use it!)

Are you asking because you would like to use this particular library elsewhere? That might be an interesting project for your class, pulling in the skills they learned from traversing lists in U5.