Unit 7 Libraries question

Since I only have 60 days to teach the course I am looking where I can save some time. From my understanding knowledge of “libraries” is important for the MC ap test. But if they don’t learn how to use them in the app lab will they be at a big disadvantage? Libraries are not a requirement for the create task correct? I need to spend some time reviewing lists and functions with parameters before they start the create task and was thinking I could take time from here

It depends. Libraries aren’t that hard to learn on code.org, However, in their future they would take big advantage of them. Libraries are very useful while writing a 400+ lines code because they can make the code look less confusing. They are definitely going to be useful when writing code with 2 more people because they will understand what the code means more than if your students were using normal functions or functions. In my opinion, you should learn them it, but not spend a lot of time for that. Maybe just show them how they work and how to use them, but in App Lab where the variables can’t be in scope because the let keyword doesn’t work on there, the functions won’t be too useful (libraries is just a set of Functions). If they’re in 3rd-5th grade you would probably spend around 10-30 minutes which seems quite a lot and in this case consider leave it and not learn them it because when you’re in grades like those Libraries aren’t that important but if your students are in grades that are more advanced than these you should definitely learn them because it will take almost no time, in those grades your students will start writing big codes and might try to code something with their friends which will make it much easier for the other people to read the code. So yeah it depends on who your students are.

Hi @lalamillo,

In response to your question about whether libraries are on the Create PT, I don’t see them mentioned specifically anywhere in the instructions in the CED

Create PT instructions start on page 189 (according to the numbers on the bottom corners), written response specifically on 192.