CSP Unit 7 - Optional?

I feel like I am running out of time. Is Unit 7 critical to the students having enough knowledge for their Create task? Perhaps just doing the parameter EIPM? I want to make sure that we have enough time to prep (go over examples etc). Thanks in advance for any insights.

Hello @nread, Unit seven is not optional. It meets the requirement for Procedural Abstraction on the AP CSP 2021 Scoring Guidelines. [ here ]

Row 4 Procedural Abstraction:
The written response:
• includes two program code segments:

  • one showing a student-developed procedure with at least one parameter that has an effect on the functionality of the procedure.
  • one showing where the student-developed procedure is being called.
    • describes what the identified procedure does and how it contributes to the overall functionality of the program.

In the interest of time, I would suggest that you cover the Parameters EIPM lessons so that your students learn how to use the concepts in their code and the Create PT.

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Thank you. Those were my thoughts too.

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I think in Unit 7, Lessons 1-4 are really important to prepare students for the Create Performance Task. Lessons 5 and up cover two things: Libraries and Testing. Libraries aren’t critical as far as I know, but testing is. If I were pressed for time, I would do Lessons 1-4 and 7 (which was surprisingly difficult for some of my students). Skip everything else, including the project.


I just completed unit 7 lesson 3 today. I am also running our of time. We started school a few weeks late here. Please, advice. Is it okay if I skip libraries? I was planning to just teach lessons 1-4.

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I would suggest you skip libraries for now and come back to it after you have completed the Create PT. The test is not until May 13 so you may be able to squeeze it in.

Thank you for your answer. :slightly_smiling_face: I will definitely go back to it if I have time. I just want to make sure… Will my students be able to complete the Create Task without libraries?

They do not need to use libraries for the Create PT. They will need lists, iteration, selection, sequencing, and functions for the Create PT.