Unit 7 Project alternates?

Last year I remember doing this project and not really liking it much… I wanted something where the students would be able to practice the procedures part of the Create PT, so making a function with sequencing selection and iteration that also has parameters… I was looking for ideas for alternate U7 project ideas… I was thinking of asking students to add a function to a previously made app but not sure that that would work for some students… thoughts?

What I sometimes do is give students a project where I have created the User Interface and all students are building the same app. They can then rely and collaborate with one another but I treat it as a mini Create Task. I do not require them to do prompt 3b in this project because I want to shorten this one to not have lists (I think they get a lot of good projects in Unit 5 with lists. I can then give them detailed feedback on their projects to have more resources for their tasks. I have attached my rubric.

Space Math Project Rubric.pdf (63.5 KB)