Units 4 - 6: Flat .PDF

At https://curriculum.code.org/csp/ I see flat .PDF files for units 1 - 3 (very useful to have!), but do not see flat .PDF’s for units 4 - 6. Do they exist? If so, where can I find them? Thanks!

Go to the unit overview page e.g. https://curriculum.code.org/csp/unit4/

Click the link at the top that says “all lessons PDF”

Unit 6 is not released yet. We’re updating it to better reflect the new changes to the Explore PT

Hi Baker - That does not provide a flat .pdf of EVERYTHING, the unit lessons plus handouts, as was given in units 1 & 2 (very useful). If someone plans to create a flat .PDF of units 3 - 6, would you let us know? Again, I understand unit 6 is still in process.

You can find the unit lessons and the handouts as PDF’s here:

This is on the top of each Unit Overview page.

Hope this helps