Units to cover prior to AP Exam?

I have read through the planning docs, but didn’t find anything on which units should be covered prior to the actual exam. I know we have to complete 1 - 8, and submit the CT prior to the exam. What about Units 9 & 10? There are questions on the practice exam about metadata, which I assume is covered in Unit 9. Which leaves me wondering why the Create Task is completed before Unit 9. Are any units designed specifically for after the exam? Thanks!

@jranta Units 9 and 10 cover material your students will need to know for the multiple choice exam. Unit 10 covers Cybersecurity, Cryptography and Global impact. The unit will prepare students for the computing innovation questions.

Thanks. I was unsure because the last time I taught this, the PT project came just before the exam. And the Data unit was planned for after the exam (if memory serves). jr