Unsubmit a project?

Hi all,

A student submitted his project without proper comments. it is not due until Sunday and I can’t find a way to unsubmit it via the teacher panel, his screen or the class dashboard. He says the unsubmit button is greyed out. Any ideas? I already send it via the report a bug but time is of the essence.



Hi @awright , I’m so sorry to hear this is happening. This is the first I have heard of this issue coming up and it sounds like you have already done my first move which is to reach out to support@code.org.

One thing to try is to have the student copy and paste his work elsewhere and try to set the version history to a previous version/ start over. Once that is done, if the submit button is no longer grayed out, they can paste their code back in.

I’ll continue to dig and see if I can find anything more concrete for you.

In the meantime, would you mind updating this thread if the issue gets resolved and how you resolved it?


Greetings Amy,

While it is past the student’s Sunday deadline for project submission, I wanted to offer a possible solution to this issue, should it occur again in the future.

If a student finds that they are unable to unsubmit an assignment/project, have them run the code once. From a previous surfacing of this problem, that seemed to allow the Unsubmit button to function once again. I know that this might not be intuitive; this type of user experience is one that we are aiming to enhance as we iterate on the Java Lab platform this year and beyond.

Can you let us know if this solution worked for the student? Many thanks and have a wonderful week,


@awright - Hi Amy. I am wondering if Erik’s or Sam’s suggestion worked for your student? This information could be helpful to others (including me).
Thanks again for posting to the forum.

It’s a months later however perhaps someone looking up this topic will benefit! :slight_smile: I was stumbling on this as well; looking from the teacher side, an “unsubmit button” to push it back to the student. If the student changes their code, it automatically becomes “unsubmitted” or they have the ability to change it and submit again(Submit button shows up on their IDE)

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Hi @cwurban! Thank you so much for following up with this post. You’re experience is very helpful to those that come across this same issue. Hopefully those in need will check this resource. At least we will have your post to point to if it happens to others.


I had the same problem where a student could not unsubmit a project. Running the program allowed him to unsubmit.