Using Praise & Encouragement when Students Do the Right Thing


Praise your students for doing the right thing, for helping others, for being on task, for being a friend, for showing respect, etc.

These are in-the-moment strategies that ALL teachers at my school use to praise students, and so our students are used to these techniques. They are taught in the community building initial days of school.

  • 2 snaps (each hand or one hand)
  • One clap (count 1, 2, 3 with your fingers, then clap once)
  • 2 stomps (pound your feet twice)
  • Bubble clap (count in your head as you blow a bubble with your hands…big, bigger and bigger, then clap once)
  • Fireworks (both hands go up, fingers spread, and make an explosion sound with your mouth)
  • Finger clap (tap two fingers from opposite hands together, creating a silent clap)
  • Round of applause (applaud in a circle)
  • Dab or the Usain Bolt

Please share more ideas of ways to praise our students for being awesome!