Unit 4 Lesson 2 - Some recommendations

  1. I don’t think the warm up is enough to create a bridge for my students. Next time I will include some examples of creating secret codes and/or using sign language, hand signals, or emojis to represent words.

  2. The importance of the stack.
    I was confused, and so the students were confused by the instructions. I think the directions need to me more clear about the importance and use of the “stack” as a rule for this activity. If you don’t reinforce that the encoding group can ONLY provide the decoding group with the stack of cards, all facing the same directions, then things get confusing very has. It isn’t really spelled out as a “rule” on the activity guide or in the lesson plan. At least not in a way that made sense to me without going through the activity once with the kids. Once they start meeting with the cards, they want to add spaces or other special characters to separate words. It is OK if they do that, but it took me several minutes to explain why it wasn’t an option. Maybe it was just me, but it wasn’t that obvious.

  3. Challenge.
    I teach high school students. In the future, I will challenge groups who are more quick to come up with a good system to find a way to break their system. What message can you NOT send (too many of the same letters. Too many words. A series of numbers like a phone number). It might be nice if that was on the lesson plan or an optional challenge on the activity guide.

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Good helpful hints. Thank you for sharing these tips!