Viewing api on app lab


I think you used to be able to open the entire api if you hovered over a command. Now it seems like you can only open examples for that specific command. Any way to show students how to open the entire api when coding in app lab?


Not sure if this is what you are looking for but when you click on the example, it shows the complete API on the left panel of the popup window. You can click on any of the commands and see the documentation for it.


@tomskis is this what you are looking for?



Thanks for your responses.

@kaitie_o_bryan - I am looking for that website,

But, it used to show up like @bhatnagars says. Now I get a pop-up with the examples and no option to look at all the complete API in the left panel.
I’ve attached an image of what I am seeing when I look at the examples.

The popup was really convenient for students - I want them to get used to reading through the documentation.


@tomskis I still see it in the pop up (see image). Put in a bug report on whichever level this is happening. You can click on Report Bug in the drop down menu.