Visuals for Classroom

I’m trying to find posters/diagrams of a main file and class file so that students can refer to it throughout the period. Any suggestions on where to find something like that or do I need to create blown up screenshots of the painter and painterPlus files?

Hi Nicole, Thanks for posting!
I don’t believe what you are looking for, posters that are ready to print out, exists yet. One thing that you might consider is using the unit 1 slides presentation, which has a lot of visuals in it.

For example, slides #58-60 (and others throughout the unit) all have the UML diagram for the Painter class, which I found helpful to project as students worked during this unit. Slide #40 has a visual for the main method.

After finishing this unit I have considered that next year it would be beneficial to have these UML diagrams up for students to see on the wall, I have thought about using chart paper to just write them up myself. I use chart paper to write helpful bits of reference code, like the structure of a for loop, class header, or whatever I find that my students are currently needing help with.

One other resource to help students is the documentation tab, where they can use the drop down to choose the Painter class and see its information.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: