Unit 1 General Suggestion

It would be great if the Painter.Java file was available to show students. When we get to the Inheritance lessons, I can’t show students what we’re extending. I want to show them that the Painter class has the move() and turnLeft() methods, for example. Can that be added to the lessons? Thanks, JR

@jranta - Thank you for posting your suggestion. If you have not used it, there is a org,code,neighborhood - Painter file in the documentation. These may be a useful tool to help make the connection.

Please let us know if you have any further suggestions or questions. We value your input.

Yes, I found the documentation for Painter in the code studio. What I would like is to be able to show students the actual class - the code. It’s hard to talk about inheritance without showing them what is being inherited. Thanks, jr

@jranta In the Unit 1 Guide (linked in lesson 2), students get a UML diagram of the Painter class. This can be a good time to talk about abstraction as well. Students don’t need to actually see the code to be able to use it. They should have good documentation (which Sylvia pointed out). If you have feedback on the documentation and how we can make it better, we would love to hear that as well!

In my class, I created large posters of the Painter UML diagram and the PainterPlus UML diagram to show the relationship between the two and left them up for most of the year so we could point to the relationship between the two. This was helpful throughout Unit 1 as students make more subclasses to be able to see the relationships they are building.