Can we add UML Diagrams to the Documentation?

Hello - Really love the built-in Documentation. One suggestion is to add a screenshot of a Class UML Diagram at the top, inside the Documentation (see screenshots).

Unless I’m missing something, the UML is only available inside the Study Guide, but I think it would be convenient to also place it in Documentation.



Thanks for thoughtful suggestion! This is definitely the type of feedback that we seek when iterating on curriculum and feature updates. I agree that providing the UML could help to bridge the gap between the Activity Guides for the units and the Documentation page available on the course.

I could also see how having the UML at the top that links to specific points in the documentation page could also make navigating the page easier (as it is quite long!)

Thanks so much and keep those thoughts coming!

Great suggestion, Gaylon!

I have found myself projecting the UML diagram as students work in unit 1, and had thought about writing it up on a chart paper to have up in the room. We are almost done with Unit 1, so I will probably do this in unit 2 as we get to the Dessert class, to serve as a sort of anchor chart.

Does anyone else use the UML diagrams in their rooms, or other anchor charts/ reference posters to help students as they code?



I like the idea of having the UML with links. Just trying to reduce the number of clicks and speed up access to what they need.

Baby steps. :slight_smile: