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Hello! My name is Jazmin Jones. I am currently living and working in New Orleans, Louisiana. I teach grades 4-8 with NOLA Code, a group that is brining Computer Science classes to underserved communities. I am interested in being a part of this community because, although I have been teaching for many years, my experience has been mostly ESL/ EFL (English as a second language/ English as a Foreign language). I am looking forward to this being a learning experience for both me and my students.


My name is Karen, I currently teach second grade in St. Mary’s County Maryland.

I am very excited to learn how to use coding in my second grade classroom. I think this course will help promote problem solving and thinking.



My name is Tracy Askey. I am a new Computer Science teacher at D A Hulcy Middle School in Dallas,TX

I am interested in being a part of this community to network and gain expertise in teaching programming and computer science.

I welcome any and all advice on how to best teach these subjects to 6th - 8th graders as well as grow my on skill sets in these areas.


Hi, I’m Kyle Burgess a student teacher here in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve started my practical component of my teaching qualification and my mentor teacher has asked that I start teaching coding to our Year 5 class.


Hello, my name is Annette P. I live in Michigan and teach 2nd grade Harper Woods. I am interested in learning code to share with my students. I think any time they can have a positive experience with learning it helps them love school even more!

My only experience with code is through ABC-ya website. I have no picture to share- but that is OK. I like chocolate almond or cookie-dough ice cream. At our cottage, we can go to Bob’s Ice Cream Parlor and get a scoop of two flavors all summer long!!

Wish me luck! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone. My name is Jim Kidston, and I teach at a private PreK-12 school outside Chicago. I’ve been teaching CS at the high school level for a long time, but I’m hoping to expand into the Middle and Lower schools, and perhaps to develop a required HS course. To start, and to see how it goes, I’m adding the Web Dev unit into my Introduction to CS class.
I am confused about something. The lesson plan for Unit 2 Chapter 4 shows a 5 minute warmup, a 45 minute activity, and a 5 minute wrapup. However, the lesson has 10 sections, and the time guide shows the lesson as lasting half a week. Are the students supposed to finish all 10 sections in one 45 minute period? Or is the 45 minute period an introduction-and-get-started time, and then the kids finish on their own? Section 8 is about the problem solving process. It seems like we should talk about that as a group. I’d appreciate any suggestions or guidance…


Aphiwat Bualoi
Chiang mai/ Thailand
Master degree in School guidance and counselor
Coder is my dream job when I was young. but life takes me to legal professional. thanks code.org to make my dream come true. 33 years old is not too old to code, isn’t it?


Welcome to your dream world of coding. It’s never too old to code! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!
My name is Tara Garcia and I’m a teacher in Miami, FL. Currently, I teacher middle grades technology and am lucky enough to have a lab! Right now we’re all bracing for Hurricane Irma so let’s see how that all works out. I’m really interested in learning about computer science and teaching those concepts to my students. I’m new to this and am trying to figure it out as I go. I love the resources Code.org provides and my students love it too! My favorite ice cream is Rocky Road. :slight_smile:



Welcome and stay safe! Are you with Broward County? They have a very strong program so you might want to reach out to them.




Welcome! First, I’m assuming you’re talking about CS Discoveries? I’d suggest popping over to that area in the forum to see how others are approaching this, long with notes from the piloters. If you are referring to Unit 2 Lesson 4 Headings - you’ll be introducing Pair Programming which is the main focus of the lesson, with understanding headings as the concept that students are discovering together. In my experience, students worked pretty quickly through the 10 stages, they are pretty easy as it’s asking students to explore headings and sizes, do a quick check and create some headings. The final few bubbles is an explanation into where Web Design fits with the Problem Solving Process (introduced in Unit 1) and then an introduction to the Final Project - students personal portfolio. If you still have questions - ask in the specific Unit and Lesson within Discoveries as people are more focused on that curriculum.

Have a great year!


Hello Everyone!

My name is Roger Grape (yes, that’s my real name) :wink: and I’m the guybrarian at Blackshear Elementary Fine Arts Academy in Austin, TX (hook 'em horns!). We are the first Pre-K through 5th grade fine arts academy in Austin ISD, and one of my goals with Code.org is to incorporate STEM into our fine arts academy to create some STEAM. :wink:

This will be my first year to teach coding to our Gifted and Talented students, but would eventually like to expand that to as many students as possible, as I believe technology and coding are SO important for our students to know as the world becomes more reliant on both. So any suggestions for best practices are always welcomed. :grin:

My favorite ice cream is Haagen Dazs’ Swiss Vanilla Almond FTW!

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My name is Lina Nguyen and I am the STEM Program Coordinator for COA Youth & Family Centers, a non-profit based out of Milwaukee, WI. COA has two centers and 7 CLCs that work with children and their families that fall in the high-risk, low SES, free/reduced price lunch category. Our centers work with children of all ages from early childhood to HS, but I work with ages 6-18. I want to be part of this community because my background is in the life sciences and I don’t have any training for comp sci, and coding is something I really want to bring to our centers because it’ll give the kids exposure to something they normally wouldn’t have exposure to.


Our little princess is here…Elizabeth Rose born July 22, 2017


Good luck. I’m a Michigagander born and raised. Would love to come visit your class sometime.


My name is Tim Rossow and I am a 7-12 Business and Computer teacher at Newman Grove Public Schools in Newman Grove, NE. I have just started teaching computer classes and would like to learn more about coding.


My name is Alysia Jones. I live and work in Northeastern PA. My title is Innovation Teacher for grades K-6 which allows me work with my colleagues to integrate Project Based Learning, Coding and other fun student-centered methods of learning. I’m interested in being part of the Code.org community to build my understanding of coding and how to teach teachers and students how to do it.


Hi, I’m Barbara. I live in Doylestown and work in Ambler. I am currently elementary librarian who is interested in learning code. The district is moving in that direction. I’m sure I’ll be needing help to get through this course but I will try my best. I like vanilla soft ice cream! Received my first Hello Fresh order today and signed up for code.org. I really living!


Hello All,

My name is Becky Medcalf and I am a school librarian in Papillion, NE. I moved from years in a 3rd grade classroom to this position so everything is new this year. I have very little coding experience in making a website as a digital portfolio years ago for my undergraduate degree. However, my programmer/web developing husband helped me quite a bit! As part of my new position, I am running an after-school coding club. This is a new adventure and I am trying to learn as much as I can to serve my students.

Hmmm, my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate with Reese’s peanut butter cups!


Hi everyone! My name is Dee Heath and I am the Computer Lab teacher at an elementary school in Murray, Utah. I am entering my 4th year in my position and have introduced the Hour of Code every year since its inception. My students and I love it. I began using Code Studio last year regularly in one of our gifted classes which is a 3/4 split. This year I was asked by this same class along with another 4th and 5th grade class to do code with their kids. I’m excited to see what this year brings with the new Courses A-F. Last year, I taught Course 2.

I have loved watching this movement grow and evolve. Every change has been an improvement and just when I think it can’t get any better it does. I’m excited to be a part of this community, I know I’m late to the party, but it’ll be nice to have be able to have a place to go where other educators can assist with questions or concerns. :slight_smile:

My favorite ice cream is COFFEE!