What does your syllabus look like?

I’m writing my syllabus, and I was just wondering what other syllabi looked like. I was surprised that there weren’t any in the forums. I’ll post mine when it’s done, in case anybody is curious.



When you say syllabus, do you mean the curriculum/lessons of the course? Or like the expectations, concepts covered in the class, etc.?

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I would be interested in seeing your syllabus. Seeing the skills summarized in the various units in a simplified format would be great. I took the course last summer & have a brief summary for my learning objectives. It came from Code’s site, but I don’t remember where. Here is a link to the 2 units I added to my syllabus last year. I hope it helps. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-f7cFzoxSo9sfsBdMxIBZ2L3UjZCHCk5xAErqkv79X0/edit?usp=sharing

If you end up creating a syllabus, I would love to see what you have, particularly for the HTML unit & unit 4 (app design) My email is mkorson@stmarysll.org