What exactly are the "Map Levels"?


In Unit 2, Chapter 1, lesson 3 teachers are supposed to create a “Resources” page for students to refer to. Map levels is listed under Teaching Tips as one of the resources. What exactly/where exactly are these “Map Levels”?
Also, I found the vocabulary definition for “Website Structure” very difficult to understand. What exactly does that definition mean?
Also, I might suggest adding “Collapse arrow,” “Refresh and Save” and “Audio Button” as resources on that list, esp. for ELLs.



The bubbles at the very top of the page can be two shapes: circle or diamond. The Diamond levels are the videos or resources and if you mouse over the diamond levels they give an icon to whether it is a video or what looks like a “map”. I tell people that the map levels are basically like pages from a textbook for references and I make sure my students know where all the “map” levels are on each lesson as a reference to go back to.

Hope that helps!


That helps a ton! This is really unclear without your explanation. I think of the “map” as a flag.

Perhaps in lesson 3 under teaching tips your curriculum should at least include the “Map” icon so it’s more clear.