What is the best way to report problems with assessment questions?

What is the best way to report problems with Assessment answers? I was going through CSA Unit 2 Assessment (since I found a bad answer in the Unit 1 assessment previously while the kids were taking the assessment.

For question, ironically, I think the escape character \ in the Option answers needs to be escaped to display correctly. This is what I am seeing

For Option 3 to be the correct answer, it would need to look like:

System.out.println(“You say "goodbye",\nI say "hello".”);

Even the “For Teachers Only” is missing the displaying the escape character \

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Hi Kevin, thank you for reaching out to point out this issue! I see what you mean here, it looks like the \ escape sequence is not printing in the answer choices.
To report bugs and issues in the curriculum, emailing to support@code.org is the quickest get the message to a team member who can look into the issue. Posting on the forum here is also helpful to other teachers who may be experiencing the same thing. I will pass this along to the curriculum team for you, and changes are usually live within a few days.
In the meantime, if you need to give this assessment before an update goes through, I sometimes have students write what the correct answer should be to handle problems in the test.

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