What robot should I purchase?


I would like to purchase a couple of coding robots for my 5th grade classroom. Any suggesting on which one to buy would be appreciated.


I would suggest Ollie and/or Sphero. Lightning Lab is a free download and teachers can create classes, enroll students and monitor progress. They are simple robots, not a lot of pieces to construct so you can get done to the nuts and bolts quickly. They run through blue tooth on your hand held devices, are a lot of fun and the educational value is endless.


We have Spheros being used in a number of classrooms in our district and teachers are very excited. I’ll be working with our summer camp using Spheros in July with 3-5th graders. I’m currently putting together some challenges for kids to work on, I plan on using math and group work strategies to align the FUN with some of our district initiatives. I will check out Lightening Lab and see what I can use from there too!