What to do after Unit 3?


We are just finishing up Unit 3. I’ll have about 2 weeks left of this class after Christmas break. I don’t think I want to start Unit 4. Does anyone have ideas on what I could do? Or is there a part of another unit you’d recommend doing? Thank you!



How did the games go? I’d circle back to the games but have them make them for a purpose, either to teach someone a skill or to create a game that benefits someone.

Would love to hear others thoughts as well…



Thanks. How do they go back to the game unit and make a new one? (Is there a blank canvas they can access?)


Hi Mara,

They can go to Game Lab, through the Projects page link, and have access to everything.

I used Lesson 14 as a good stopping point before our winter break. Here’s a game I created, using Jeopardy Labs, that could test their knowledge (in a fun and competitive way) on some of the things they’ve learned so far.

I hope this helps! https://jeopardylabs.com/play/computer-science-discoveries-18



Great! Thank you for your help!