What to do after Unit 3?

We are just finishing up Unit 3. I’ll have about 2 weeks left of this class after Christmas break. I don’t think I want to start Unit 4. Does anyone have ideas on what I could do? Or is there a part of another unit you’d recommend doing? Thank you!


How did the games go? I’d circle back to the games but have them make them for a purpose, either to teach someone a skill or to create a game that benefits someone.

Would love to hear others thoughts as well…


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Thanks. How do they go back to the game unit and make a new one? (Is there a blank canvas they can access?)

Hi Mara,

They can go to Game Lab, through the Projects page link, and have access to everything.

I used Lesson 14 as a good stopping point before our winter break. Here’s a game I created, using Jeopardy Labs, that could test their knowledge (in a fun and competitive way) on some of the things they’ve learned so far.

I hope this helps! https://jeopardylabs.com/play/computer-science-discoveries-18



Great! Thank you for your help!

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I think this may be late reply but i am suggesting to use Factile to take assessment of the class in a fun way.
Factile is an excellent web tool that enables teachers to create jeopardy style quiz games for their classroom in minutes. Using a simple and intuitive gameboard, teachers will get to create engaging quiz games without the need for any coding skills.
Teachers can introduce it to their students in their classroom! It is used by teachers to make learning process fun and interesting!

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Welcome to the forum and thank you for the resource!