When do you start Pair Programming?

I am working through the courses and I find the Pair Programming video on Lesson 8 of Course C. Should they be doing the puzzles before this individually?

esters - your students can begin pair programming whenever you are ready. I usually show them the Pair Programming video early in the school year. We watch it as a class and discuss it. Then I show them how to login as pairs. Once they understand the concept and are logged in, they are ready to go! I like to ask my students to switch driver/navigator after each puzzle they complete.

Thank you. That is what I planned to do, but then I see the video in the lesson plan for Lesson 8 and I thought maybe I missed something. It is referenced in the Course D Lesson 2, but not in Course E Lesson 2. I am starting Lesson 2s tomorrow, so I plan to pull out the Pair Programming video for all levels.