Why does this code work in JavaScript but not in Blocks?

Can anyone explain why my code works in Javascript but when App Lab converts it to blocks it doesn’t work? The soccer player is supposed to move randomly around the screen when the “START” button is clicked.


When I run this the player moves both in block mode and in text mode. I may need a little more clarification if this is not the intended action.

Thank you. I can’t tell you how many times I tried both versions with the same results. When I tried again a little while ago both versions are working. I can’t explain it, but thank you for taking the time!

My guess is that you may have been confusing the interpreter with move(). move() is already defined as a turtle function. When looking at the code in blocks the color of move() is turquoise. That makes it a turtle function. It should be chartreuse if it is your defined function.

Having said that it does look like you can redefine move() and it works. The best bet is to change the name anyway.

That makes total sense! Thank you!