Wordpress Openverse

While a colleague and I were preparing for Unit 2 Lesson 8, we found that Creative Commons no longer had a search option. We were directed to
Openverse | WordPress.org and it was here that we were able to find pictures with licensing agreements.

This took me by surprise too! I usually teach Advanced Google Image search techniques with this lesson too. My students gravitate to Google searching over Creative Commons anyhow so I try to give them the option. So you found the Openverse to be pretty useful then? I liked the old Creative Commons search tool so I was blindsided by the change!

I found the students were able to obtain the information they needed about a photo easier using Openverse. When I did a comparison between the Advanced Google Image search technique and Openverse, I personally liked Openverse better.

I’ll go back in and try it! Thanks!

Ditto. I find they usually go to a google image search so I showed them the google\images\tools\usage rights option figuring they may actually use it rather than remembering to navigate to an entirely different website.

I like that it gives me a natural opportunity to show them how to use the other tools there too. We talk about size, type, color, etc. at the same time.

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