Work sheet for disabilities students

Dear All,

I am teaching Robotics to Students with Electronics and CODE specially Grade 7 to 9 Students. Most of our students are low marks students of their School exam as well as some are disabilities. So I am teaching them to CODE like “for loop” / “while loop” / " if" and " else" before start robot programming . So I need some animations to show them how for loop and whole loops are working and some quality work note and excesses work sheet . Please advice to have them . This is grate help for them



I think you should check out the resources available at Based on your description of your students, you may want to check out the curricula for CS Fundamentals or CS Discoveries. Each will provide you with activities (including videos and some worksheets) that could help your students with basic concepts. I would suggest some ‘unplugged’, hands-on activities for all learners.

Happy computing,