My Robotic Friend as an unplugged PE lesson

HI all! We are working on providing our schools with a phys ed activity for Hour of Code week. Has anyone converted the My Robotic Friend unplugged activity into one in which the kids do something for Phys Ed? I was thinking perhaps creating the “code” to shoot a basket. Thanks in advance!!!

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I received some ProWise CodeWise cards at ISTE a couple of years ago. You could get some of their decks or create your own. They have arrows to indicate instructions. Create an “obstacle course” with cones or something. Have students use your cards to “program” their “robot friend” to go through the course and then test the program. You could make it as complicated or easy as you like. You could have students create the directional cards themselves on index cards or even create giant cards on poster board. If you want to get really fancy, use photographs of students demonstrating the actions on the cards.

Where is the code that will be given to my students