Written Response 2(c) for the 2024 Exam

Looking at the rubric given by the College Board, it says in the scoring criteria “explains in detailed steps an algorithm that uses “isEqual” to count the number of elements in the list that are equal to a certain value.”
However, when watching the tutorial video published by the College Board (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeNo0xFoo3U&t), the correct response simply needs to contain “a plausible was to rewrite the program without the use of a list OR describes the limitations to the program’s functionality if a list were not used.”

In the tutorial, nothing is mentions about “isEqual”, but on the rubric nothing is mentions about “list limitations.”

Am I looking at this sideways? Does the student need to fulfill both of these? Only one? Which one? Do they only have to answer the question given to them?

My understanding is that the rubric for question 2 (page 191 of the course and exam description) is just a sample rubric for the sample questions given on page 186. Question 2 is not known to us ahead of the AP Exam. So we would not know the exact rubric. The video is referencing a different question (Describe how your program could be written without the use of a list). I hope this makes sense.

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